Extra Curricular Activities

The Home School Liaison Co-ordinator acts as a link between home and school, encouraging parents to become more involved in a meaningful way in their children’s education in order to enhance and support the learning opportunities of all students. The HSCL Co-ordinator regularly phones parents / guardians or visits them in their own home in order to keep them up to date on student progress and give them an opportunity to talk about any matters that may be causing concern. These contacts will allow the school an opportunity to provide additional support for students. HSCL coordinators liaise with various voluntary and statutory bodies and groups within the community and encourage a cohesive delivery of service, in relation to parents, teachers and community all in the interest of students.

At Oaklands Community School we are committed to the development of extra curricular activities with the understand of the great benefits each activity brings to body and mind.

  • Athletics
  • Basketball
  • Soccer
  • Sports Day
  • Basketball
  • GAA
  • Movie Club
  • Aqua Paradise pool
  • Equestrian Team

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