Special Needs Education

Learning Support and Resource

Helping students reach their full potential Learning Support in Oaklands CC The management and teaching staff of Oaklands Community College are committed to providing all of its students with the highest possible standards of teaching, and opportunities for learning, in a caring and supportive environment. With a view to enabling students attain to their full potential, the SEN department of Oaklands CC provide students with support across all curricular areas where deemed appropriate. Support may also be provided in developing social and personal development, interpersonal skills, organisation skills and wellbeing. There is a blended approach to the delivery of learning support, from in class support, withdrawal to small groups and in some instances one to one teaching.

Home School Liaison

The Home School Liaison Co-ordinator acts as a link between home and school, encouraging parents to become more involved in a meaningful way in their children’s education in order to enhance and support the learning opportunities of all students. The HSCL Co-ordinator regularly phones parents / guardians or visits them in their own home in order to keep them up to date on student progress and give them an opportunity to talk about any matters that may be causing concern. These contacts will allow the school an opportunity to provide additional support for students. HSCL coordinators liaise with various voluntary and statutory bodies and groups within the community and encourage a cohesive delivery of service, in relation to parents, teachers and community all in the interest of students.

The Oak Centre

The goal of the Oak Centre is to support each student to achieve to their potential. For some students this simply means providing a safe and relaxing environment that they have ready access to whenever they need to de-stress. Other students can require higher levels of support so they may attend the Oak Centre for several classes a day for both relaxation and social skills development.

School Completion Programme (SCP)

SCP entails targeting individual young people of school-going age, both in and out of school, and arranging supports to address inequalities in education access, participation and outcomes.It is based on the project model with an integrated approach involving primary and post primary schools, parents and relevant statutory, voluntary and community agencies. Projects are required to engage in a consultative and planning process with schools’ staff, with parents and with local representatives of relevant statutory, voluntary and community agencies in the development of the annual retention plans.

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